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16,000 Woodworking & Building Project Plans

How to Make Money
with a Home Based
Woodworking Business

12,000 Shed and Woodworking Plans. Free Sample Download

16,000 Woodworking &
Building Project Plans

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I'm one of those guys who tries to build everything from scratch and tend to not look at plans. Maybe it is the "guy thing" of not wanting to ask for directions - I don't know. But what I do know is that things are so much easier and built so much better when I get the help I need and follow quality plans.

In my work on my little piece of land, I've found these plans to be invaluable. I've used them to build sheds, a shop, a pump house and several other out-buildings and shelters. I couldn't have done it without these plans - well, that's not completely true - I probably could have done it eventually but not as quickly and they wouldn't have turned out as well as they did, that's for sure.

The plans include:

  • Diagrams detailed with a full set of dimensions.
  • Complete step-by-step instructions to carry you through from beginning to completion.
  • Full list of the necessary materials required.
  • List of all the woodworking tools you will need for the project.

Here are some of the categories of plans included in the set:

Arbor Projects
Barn Plans
Bat House
Bed Plans
Bedroom Designs
Bee Hive Plans
Bench Projects
Billiard Table
Bird Feeders
Birdhouse Plans
Boat Plans
Book Case Plans
Box Designs
Bridge Projects
Bucket Designs
Cabin Plans
Cabinet Plans
Camping Designs
Candle Patterns
Cart Plans
Cat House Plans
CD & DVD Holder
Cellar Projects
Chair Plans
DIY Projects
Chest Designs
Chicken Houses
Childrens Room Plans
Clock Plans
Coffee Table Designs
Cold Frame Plans
Compost Bin
Computer Desk
Cradle Projects
Small Crafts
Cutting Board
Deck Plans
Desk Designs
Dog House
Door Designs
Drill Press
Easel Plans
Farmshop Plans
File Cabinet
Fireplaces & Mantel
Garage Plans
Entertainment Projects
For The Garden
Gun Cabinets
Home Office Projects
Horse Barns
Humidor Plans
Hutch Plans
Jig Plans
Kids Furniture
Kitchen Projects
Knife Block
Lathe Plans
Media Center Designs
Ottoman Plans
Outdoors Projects
Rabbit House
Wooden Racks
Router Plans
Scroll Saw
Outdoor Sheds
Signs & Displays
Sports Related
Squirrel Den Box
Stand Designs
Storage Plans
Swing Plans
Table Plans
Tool Box
Wooden Toys
Trellis Plans
Utility Building Projects
Wagon Designs
Weather Station
Wind Generator
Wishing Well

These plans are the real deal. 16,000 plans cover everything you've ever thought of and alot of things you haven't thought of yet. They are well worth it, saving you time and money and resulting in much higher quality, longer lasting creations.

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