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How to Make Money
with a Home Based
Woodworking Business

16,000 Woodworking & Building Project Plans

12,000 Shed and Woodworking Plans. Free Sample Download

12,000 Shed &
Woodworking Project Plans

Download Free Sample 12x8 Shed Plan (1.8mb PDF)

Since moving to our mini-homestead a few years ago, I've wanted to expand existing outbuildings and build new ones. Like many others, I've just wanted to forge ahead, draw up my own minimal plans (well really meager sketches) and get the thing built. Doing it this way led to one headache after another. Things didn't fit, constant measuring, trimming and re-measuring, wasted material, etc. etc...

Looking back at it I realized the biggest stumbling-block for me was making good and exacting plans. I enjoyed salvaging the material, measuring, cutting and building, but I had little patients for planning.

Finally, I got these great shed plans and it made all the difference. Not only am I adding on to existing sheds and building new ones for myself, I've also been contacted by neighbors who would like me to build sheds for them as well. A new and very profitable little cottage industry for us.

The word "SHED" is a bit of a misnomer so don't take it too narrow or literally. With a little creativity these plans can be used to build all sorts of buildings including, of course, sheds, but also small barns, greenhouses, tiny homes, wood sheds, storage buildings, garden tool storage buildings, pump houses - just about any structure you can think of that you will need at your place. So, give these plans a try - you cannot go wrong. If you like, you can download a free sample here.

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Download Free Sample 12x8 Shed Plan (1.8mb PDF)


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