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12,000 Shed and Woodworking Plans. Free Sample Download

16,000 Woodworking & Building Project Plans

How to Make Money
with a Home Based
Woodworking Business

Right Livelihoods - Job and Business Resources & Ideas that Fit Your Independent Lifestyle


Make Money Working from Home: Home Based Work at Home Business Ideas

Online Business Success Resources: Learn all about getting traffic to websites and blogs, selling products, becoming an affiliate, writing your own eBook, earning income with Google Adsense and much more.

Home Based Business Resources: Learn about how earn money with a home based salvage and recycling business.

Home Based Salvage and Recycling Business - In the early 1980s I picked up a little booklet titled Surplus and Salvage. This booklet changed my life. I started in the recycling and salvage business doing building deconstruction and non-ferrous scrap metal recycling in mostly rural areas of California. I went on into the electronics and computer recycling and gold recovery fields as well as salvaging for alternative renewable energy systems.

During these times salvaging and recycling for reusable items is going to become increasingly important. You can learn from my experiences in the salvage, recycling and gold recovery businesses for free at RecyclingSecrets.com.


Free GIS Mapping Tutorial & Atlas - More recently I became interested in GIS (geographic information system) digital mapping. I've done quite a bit in this field over the years. If interested, you can check some of this out at MapCruzin.com. I've done community based mapping, pollution mapping and all sorts of demographic mapping. GIS is always in demand by community groups, government at all levels and businesses. You can use it to improve your present job skills, begin a new career, or begin a home based professional GIS consulting practice. You can also create GIS maps to determine risks, hazards and opportunities where you now live or are thinking about moving to. Learn GIS and also take advantage of the free GIS tools, resources, maps, software and shapefiles at MapCruzin.com.

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