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Selecting, Preparing and
Canning Fruit Syrups for Canning Fruit

<-- How to Can Foods and Food Products


Adding syrup to canned fruit helps to retain its flavor, color, and shape. It does not prevent spoilage of these foods. The guidelines for preparing and using syrups offer a new "very light" syrup, which approximates the natural sugar content of many fruits. The sugar content in each of the five syrups is increased by about 10 percent. Quantities of water and sugar to make enough syrup for a canner load of pints or quarts are provided for each syrup type.

Procedure: Heat water and sugar together. Bring to a boil and pour over raw fruits in jars. For hot packs, bring water and sugar to boil, add fruit, reheat to boil, and fill into jars immediately.

Apple Juice

Apple Butter

Apple Butter, Reduced Sugar



Apple Rings-Spiced

Apricots-Halved or Sliced


Berry Syrup


Cherry (Sweet) Topping


Crabapples-Spiced II


Cranberry Sauce


Fruit Pureés


Grape Juice

Grapes Whole

Grapefruit and Orange Sections

Lemon Curd, Canned

Mango Sauce

Mangoes, Green

Mayhaw Juice

Mayhaw Syrup

Mixed Fruit Cocktail

Nectarines-Halved or Sliced


Peaches-Halved or Sliced

Peach Fruit Topping

Pears, Asian


Pie Fillings


Plums-Halved or Whole

Spiced Plums

--> Rhubarb-Stewed


Source: National Center for Home Food Preservation

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<-- How to Can Foods and Food Products

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