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FCC Amateur Radio Service Guidelines


The FCC established amateur radio service as a voluntary non-commercial radio communications service that allows licensed operators to improve their communications and technical skills, while providing the nation with a pool of trained radio operators and technicians who can provide essential communications during emergencies.

No amateur station shall transmit communications for hire or for material compensation, or communications in which the station licensee or control operator has a pecuniary interest, including communications on behalf of an employer.

During emergencies, amateur radio operators may transmit messages to other amateur stations, subject to the privileges authorized for the class of license the amateur station control operator holds. For these transmissions, no special FCC permissions are required. Some amateur radio operators coordinate their communications through groups referred to as "networks" or "nets."


Messages may be transmitted on behalf of unlicensed individuals, at the discretion of the amateur station licensee. These messages are referred to as third party communications. The FCC's rules permit an amateur station to transmit messages for a third party to any other amateur station within the jurisdiction of the United States. Amateur stations in the United States may transmit third party communications to amateur stations outside the United States under certain circumstances.

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