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How to Make Money
Growing and Selling Microgreens

How to make money growing and selling microgreens
I've been a "gardener" for 40 years, but really I've never been a REAL gardener at all. What I mean is that I've had vegetable gardens that did okay but most were disasters. Lots of work for just a few veggies. At one point I had a large enough plot so that even mediocre success gave me enough produce to trade to the local market for some of the other goods that I needed.

Now that I've moved to a few acres I want to garden again, but I want to do it right and minimize mistakes. I'm older now and since my time for learning from my own mistakes is dwindling, I thought it was time to see how others are succeeding and benefit from what they've learned from their mistakes. I'd also like to make a bit of money at it.

I ran into this ebook about microgreens. All I can say is WOW. What a difference it has and will mad\ke in my life. Even though it focuses on microgreens and making a living growing and selling them, it can be applied to other veggies as well. In my case, I've noticed that none of the Chinese restaurants in my rural area are using many of the Chinese vegetables that I'm used to seeing in more urban areas. Seems like a ready made market for small scale Chinese vegetable gardening. I'm learning to sell what I grow. I'm also combining the techniques I'm learning with the ebook with the aquaponics techiques I'm learning from another ebook (learn more about aquaponics here. After reading this book about, making money with microgreens I can now see exactly where I went wrong and why I failed. More importantly, I can now see exactly how to finally make a success of it.

If you're into making money growing things at all, give it a try - you won't be dissapointed. Check it out here. Also, check out aquaponics.

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