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Grow Vegetables Faster, Better
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Vegetables faster, easier, better with aquaponics
I'm getting older and now that I have a few acres I wanted to find a way to grow good vegetables using the least amount of energy and water, and requiring the least amount of work and maintenance. For me, aquaponics is the answer. Plants grow faster, heartier, less worry about pests, no weeds to deal with - such a deal. Also, now watering or complicated drip systems that always clog, no rototilling, no raised beds to construct, no manure and fertilizer to mix ... such a deal!

Over the years I've had limited success gardening. Some good, some bad crops -- all lots and lots of work. At this stage of my life I need to garden better and easier and this ebook about aquaponics coupled with another ebook about making money with microgreens (or any vegetable crop for that matter) will make it happen. I'm spending the winter building a greenhouse for my aquaponics project and hope to be ready to go by spring.

So, if you're interested in making money gardening in a small space in an efficient manner check out this ebook about aquaponics. And also, check out the ebook about making money with microgreens.

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